About Us

About us!
🚂 Meet the Heckert Hotmess
👸 I’m Doris. I’m the Chief Fashion Officer! I love Jesus, my family, fashion, Rosé, good laughs, sunshine and tan lines! My passions include advocacy, making women feel beautiful, empowered, and just who they are called to be!
🧔🏻 Juicy Jon is my hubs and baby daddy. We’ve been married since 2015. He loves my shenanigans and is usually up for whatever crazy idea I throw his way. Juicy enjoys hunting, fishing, cooking out. He’s my biggest cheerleader and will do whatever I need whether that’s taking 1000 pictures or making a TikTok 5 times!
👦🏼 Jackson is our 13 year old son. He was born with a rare orthopedic condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. He is a spitfire. Jackson is as snarky, funny, smart and strong-willed as they come. He loves video games, legos and any game he can beat me or Juicy at. Jackson will change the world one day...I just have to survive raising him first! 🤪
👉 A Bit More Info
👑 Why Grace & Glamour? I’m thankful for God’s amazing grace and that it’s new every day! I believe everyone deserves glamorous...whatever that means for her!
👑 We are 100% online. If you’re local to the Northshore of Louisiana area, porch pickup is welcome! I’m a southern Louisiana girl, who loves Jesus, her family, fashion and a good nap!
👑 We accept exchanges within 7 days of you receiving your item as long as it is unwashed and tags are still in tact! To initiate an exchange credit, CONTACT ME.
💕 Doris (and the boys) 💙
xoxo, Doris